Female world


Home of births
Attraction of the male
Life receiving
Life sustaining

Charming magic
Temptation and luminance
Riddle and mystery
Smiling caress

Mother in change
Caring and sharing
Crying and laughing
Dying and living

Passage of life, death
Bearer of truth, illusion
Tailor of time
Magnet of life

Guardian and filter
Of beings wandering
Towards the light
A living school inside

DidiArtist, 27.01.2012


Perfect sharing



Sharing with you bed and table
Good and bad times
Rainy and sunny days
Thoughts and words
Body and mind

Sharing with you my soul
To become one with you
Synthesis of love
Merging of male and female
Yin and yang – Yiang

DidiArtist, 24.07.2018