One root



Every human being is
One finger, one hand, one arm
Of the One Consciousness

As all is in One
And One is in All…

DidiArtist, 13.03.2019


Focus on God



The very moment itself
Is the Self of God
Putting our attention there
God is nearer
Than our own flesh to us

DidiArtist, 20.05.2019


Rising above body-consciousness… – Quote by Sant Kirpal Singh


A realized man is one who has already solved the mystery of this life. He can give you a demonstration about how to rise above body-consciousness and how to silence the senses, mind, and intellect. When these sensory powers are put to rest, the soul is able to rise up and with the grace of the Guru, she gets united with the Over-Soul. If you recognize yourselves, your entire angle will change as well as your attitude to life, you then will recognize who your lifelong comrade really is and who controls the machine of the body – the same power that controls the entire creation.

Sant Kirpal Singh Ji