Oneness in All – short documentary of Kirpal Sagar broadcast on Indian TV


Torchbearers of Light



There will always be leaders
Following the light
Listening to the voice of the creation
Who are the mouthpieces of God

Who give their lives
For the help of others
Are living examples
Giving our lives meaning

They are a beacon in the darkness
Show us the way with their light
Out of the labyrinth of wishes and desires
Give us experiences beyond matter

Make us aware of our unconscious behavior
Hold us tight out of love
Till the end of the world
Until the light takes its place again in light

Their love is shining in our hearts
They take us by the hand
Merge with us to make us one
In the scent of roses and jasmine…

DidiArtist, 21.04.2020


Interest in spirituality?

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Photo shows Sant Kirpal Singh Ji

Power-ulcer: War

Respect and honour are earned
Not through violence and land theft
But through compassion, understanding
Through help and sharing
Through service to man
Through foresight
That all is one in Him….

DidiArtist, 18.06.2022

Peace on Earth

Only when the world is free of all dictators
When greed and power take their leave of mankind
When the gap between rich and poor is overcome
When man has recognised his destiny
When we honour and cherish each other as one family
When envy and hatred disappear from the earth
When love and kindness to one another reign
When the I expresses itself in the You
When we all help each other
When we realise we all need each other
When we see everyone is a cog in the machinery of humanity

Then we will experience peace on earth
Peace in the individual
Peace in the Whole

DidiArtist, 04.06.2022