The will of Lord



Sant Kirpal Singh

Divine will

The will of God pervades and sustains everywhere, but still remains indescribable. No one can know the will of God except the one who surrenders to His will and on whom God showers the glimpses of His will. By accepting the will of God, he attunes his own will to the will of God. When the will of man merges into the will of God, one experiences that the whole creation is the manifestation of God. He, who fully surrenders to the will of God, experiences all that is contained in His will.
Harbhajan Singh


Dr. Harbhajan Singh (We called him Bhaji = brother)


To make His will one’s own, is the means to achieve Him.

Will itself baffles all description. Still, to give an idea of it, Nanak explains it to some extent in Stanza 2 (of the Jap Ji). It may be defined as something making and unmaking the universe with a conscious entity at its back. The absolute is Wordless, Imageless and Nameless. When it came into being, it was called Word or Naam, which is the cause of all creation.

The Word might be taken as the All-pervading Spirit working out the world’s greatest phenomena. The Will is identical with this All-Pervading Spirit, but we must not imagine it as blind – for it is intelligent, sentient and purposive. This Ever-Active Will, enshrouded by the illusive matter, can only be revealed by attuning one’s will to it. All other means fail. Man’s ways are all in vain.
– From the book „The Jap Ji“ Sant Kirpal Singh


The Will of the Lord

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The will of the God pervades and sustains everywhere, but still remains indescribable. No one can know the will of God except the one who surrenders to His will, on whom God showers the glimpses of His will. By accepting the will of God, he attunes his own will to the will of God. When the will of man merges into the will of God, one experiences that the whole creation is the manifestation of God.

He who fully surrenders to the will of God, experiences all that is contained in His will. Such one is called Satguru and He has known the Satpurusha. So the Satguru is self-consistent and self-contained. There is nothing outside and He sustains everywhere and in each one. He contains all that we need here and hereafter. Whatever He contains is to give and He gives for all the times. His gift is potent and positive, provides us the everlasting life and all that is needed for the everlasting life.

His will creates love, devotion and self-surrender. God is love and love is God and the way back to God is love. The extreme love creates fear and respect and out of fear and respect devotion develops. Devotion bears higher status in the heart of man than love, because it could change the heart of a person with fear and respect of the Master. The devotion creates yearning in the life of man. Out of yearning one surrenders to the will of God. So man goes through the various phases of love till he himself becomes Word-personified personality. That one will obey and remains surrendered to the will of God.

The man on the level of mind and senses creates doubt, fear, bigotry, otherness, etc. Only the fear of the God, which comes through the will of God, dispels all and one remains in the gracious protection of the Master that works overhead all the times.

Some in utter troublesome atmosphere do adjust and thank God and say, “It is the will of the Lord.” They are fortunate. “O God, bless us with the company of such people.”

While Guru Arjan Dev was sitting on hot plates, Hazrat Mian Mir, a Divine friend of Guru Arjan Dev, said unto Him, “I cannot bear all that you are going to bear. If you order me, I can separate the brick from the brick and separate the truth from the falsehood.” Guru Arjan Dev told him, “His will is sweet to me. His will is His order. Blessed are those on whom the will of God works graciously. Such ones I adore forever. They are worth of worshipping.”

Such ones bring the truth directly into the heart of man and that, too, without learning and yearning. So he who surrenders and hears the will of God in whatever way and situation it may come, is said to be the God-into-action Power. So without love, devotion, surrender, yearning and ruling passion, the will of God does not come.

Our soul has the power and has all potentialities and possibilities to hear the will of God, but because of its identification on the level of senses and sense-organs it is losing the chance to hear, though the will of God is innate and inherited. Compassion, forbearance, and tolerance are the forethoughts to move towards and accept the will of God. As nothing can be said about the will of God, so nothing we do against the mind and help ourselves to hear the will of God. This is misfortune. All Masters trained their mind to accept the will of God, thus remained unattached and superseded, and surpassed in the dire consequences in their lives. The mystery of the will of God dwelt in them in the form of radiation, bliss and grace of God, which they distributed free of hands to all those who deserved it. So lots of people benefited from it and still the will of God remained indescribable.

Whatever we see and experience is the outcome of His will and with whatever He blesses us to transcend and to see and experience from stages to stages, of which we are ignorant as yet, is also the manifestation of His will. It is but natural that one binds in a more positive and in a potent way with His will.

When we surrender to the Master, we experience lots of attributes of His will in the Word-personified Form. We experience that Guru is the Giver of all the gifts of our life. He is full of compassion and mercy.

Kabir tells He was sent to create, when there was no sun, no moon, no god, goddesses, and He created with His will. He tells about the whole creation and He came as Satsukrat, Munindar, Karunamae and Kabir in all the four ages. He was the Sat Purusha. Yet He tells that the whole manifestation is of His will, which is indescribable. His will means that He who created, only He knows, why and how He created. From there is no way than to love His will, for that we should love the creation which is the manifestation of His Will. Master tells us, “The world you see is the image of the One who created it, and while living therein you can see Him.”

When we accept His will by mouth and do not accept it from heart, our attention is bewildered. Masters tell us to obey His will by thoughts, deeds and actions, and with attention as well all the times, so that we experience that there is nothing lost or gained in this world. The one who does so, thanks Him while eating, while seeing, while sleeping, and while going through the hard experience and hard facts of life.

All that we do with attention is good and all that we do on the level of mind and senses – the outcome of which is ego and attachment – is bad. The former takes us to Godhood, the latter takes us to transmigration. In both the cases the will of God becomes prominent .

We create lots of doubts on the level of intellect and science. Has anybody seen the intellect? Only the work of the intellect is seen. So the will (of God) is not seen, its manifestation is seen. Whereas the intellect is limited and the will of God is beyond all descriptions. Intellect is part of the human body and man is the will of God. Discriminating power in man is the power with which one can know what is what. Without knowing what is what the intellect cannot work.

We love and respect somebody who is worthy of it, give food to our discriminating power, but doing otherwise we are led astray from our awareness. Whatever happens or mishappens is the will of God. The sinner repents over his sins and he is heard by the radiant form of the Master within; that Power manages to bring him to a competent Master. This is but the will of God. What we learn from the will of God is that His will is diffused everywhere and is the uncaused cause of all. There is unity among the whole creation, of whatever character each holds, since the whole creation binds back to the one primal cause and eternal principle.

The Will of God baffles all descriptions.
Guru Nanak refers to us to make His will our own will.

He who surrenders to His will, reaches his destination. There is no other possibility to merge into His will.
Ram Kali War M. 1

Saints lay more stress on devotion full of love since loving devotion sacrifices the heart and the place. All is holy where one kneels in devotion.
Dr. Harbhajan Singh

Touching thankfulness



Thankfulness in my heart
We walk together
Here and beyond
Oh, Lord in my heart

Thankfulness in every pore
Of my spirit and body
Living in the ink
Of your pen, writing my life
Oh Lord in my heart

Thankfulness in my breath
Heartbeat follows your will
Colours my thought
Along sandy streets
Oh Lord in my heart

Thankfulness in my soul
Sunshine in each step
Because you are everywhere
And I – a borrowed lifetime
Oh Lord, Life of my life

DidiArtist, 24.06.2018



Thankfulness each moment


Thankfulness is devotion
Contains humbleness
Knows respect
Even pain
Rain in life
Has no conditions
Is no business
Just pure trust

Thankfulness in the heart
To be near to you
To walk with you, Father God
Life of our life

DidiArtist, 01.03.2018


Gravity of Love



Colours of Consciousness



Consciousness is understanding
Consciousness is compassion
Consciousness is learning from one’ s own mistakes
Consciousness is thoughtfulness
Consciousness is true life
Consciousness is fear of the consequences
Consciousness is the light of the self
Consciousness is immortal
Consciousness is oneness
Consciousness is kindness
Consciousness is honesty
Consciousness is the thin warning voice in us
Consciousness is devotion to others
Consciousness is practical life
Consciousness is to be a living example
Consciousness is service to man
Consciousness is thankfulness in every moment
Consciousness is a drop of All Consciousness in God
Consciousness is the actual soul
Consciousness is the knowledge of the heart
Consciousness is love for all

May we rise from the shadow of our ignorance…
May we become conscious, living beings…

DidiArtist, 02.07.2020


To all mothers: Happy Mother’s Day!



Dear Mothers in the whole world,

I wish you a happy day in acknowledgement of your tremendous jobs, taking care of the family and children supporting life in the society and contribute to the welfare of people to a large extent.

Thank you very much, dear ladies.

In respect and full appreciation




Thank you for the Mystery Blogger Award





Thank you (02):

I have been nominated for “The Mystery Blogger Award” by Alicia. My sincere thank to you, dear Alice, I feel honoured to be given this award by you!


Alicia’s blog is specialized on cooking. All her veggi food attracks me and surely she is a great cook in it. So please, dear blogger, who is similar interested in vegetarian food, visit Alicia’s blog and let your mouth make water 🙂 Thanks, my dear friend Alicia.

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What is the “Mystery Blogger Award”? (04):

The “Mystery Blogger Award” is an award for unique bloggers with witty messages. The blog not only captivates but inspires and motivates. They are one of the best bloggers that exist, and they deserve all the recognitions they get. This award is also for bloggers who have fun and inspire in blogs; and they do it with love and passion. – Okoto Enigma

He decided to call the prize “Mystery Blogger Award” because the meaning of his name, “Enigma”, is “mystery”. So it bears the name of its creator. In addition, it is a very appropriate name because there are many blogs that are still a mystery for all of us and when we know them, they result being extraordinary.


Three things about me (05):

1. Since 24 years I am travelling to India, about 360 km north of Delhi. There is a place called “Kirpal Sagar – translated: Ocean of Grace” which was established by Dr. Harbhajan Singh and his wife Biji Surinder Kaur according to the instructions given by Sant Kirpal Singh, who commissioned them to build up this place. At the beginning a handful of people have started with this work. Then more and more people joined from all over the world. Understanding was born that mankind must have a place where not only spirituality can be received, but also where social help, ethical and moral teaching can be given. So a hospital was built there to help the poor and needy people to give them free treatment, medication and even operations. One can find a school there too with about 600 students, there ethical values of life are taught to have respect from man to man. All religions are peacefully under one roof three and already 2 major World-Conference were held there with poeple from different religions who all focused on love for everyone and unity of man. At this place selfless service can be carried out – not with pride, but with the heart that we are not the Doers, but that everything is done by God’s will. This place is open for the whole mankind, it belongs to whole mankind.

For people interested in this project I would like to refer you to this link:

2. I love children (in fact I love everyone with the motto as Saints have put it: “Love the sinner, but not his sins…”) and see in them the hope in our future.

3. To help people should become a habit in our everyday life. There are so many things in our daily life in which we can practize this kind of help: we can start listening in a better way, when other people have a saying, we can help old people who have difficulties to across the street, as car driver we also can start to be more thoughtful, or when someone asks something that we do not get angry but answer in a friendly way. I have noticed that especially in bigger towns that people tend to have less patience. So when we can practize kindness, help, wherever possible, we slowly bring peace not only in us but also in others and our children will be happy to see their parents balanced and happy. Little things can be our start. In course of time they will bring a change in our life. Everything is a matter of practice and so we should not live in words, but in our deeds.

My answers to the questions asked by Alicia (06):

1.) What would be the perfect cooking blog for you?
It would be a vegetarian blog and as I am a lacto-vegetarian, I would even dispense with all lacto means – so that in this blog all vegetarians: lacto, ovo and vegans – can be addressed to.
When opening this world of fresh fruit and vegetables – we surely will be surprised what it has on offer for us.

2.) What food do you like the most?
I like broccoli, coliflower, eggplant, new potatoes (in Finland the new potatoes, due to the long light have an extremely good tast – together with much dill, together with a bit salt and butter – uff very delicious – excuse me: I have made myself hungry and have to go eating… LOL), I love avokado too and pulses as well as fresh fruit.

3.) What is the most important meal of the day and why?
For me it is imporatant that I take care to have enough proteins and a balanced diet. I also eat every now and then walnuts in which the veggis can find and have even omega 3.

4.) Have you ever eaten directly from the fridge, standing with the door open?
Yes, I have done so and every now and then I still do it. But I would only do it when it is sure that noone else drinks for example from the bottle from which I directly drank from.

5.) Do you think it is important to observe the norms of behavior at the table and good manners?
I think it matters really how we eat, where we eat, when we eat and what we eat. Our mind is very sensitive. It will show reactions when for example eat and watch a film at the same time, we speak at the table without concentrating on what and how much we eat. The place where to eat should always be clean this conveys a good fundament when eating. If something is in disorder we surely will find this disorder in ourselves. It is also necessary to eat consciously, means to chew the food long enough which helps for the digestion too and with this we can avoid that we eat too fast (in doing so we also become greedy…). When eating, while eating, with good thoughts it will have positive influence and effect to our thoughts and mind. As many from us have become fast-food eater the result is: imbalance, our mind changes the colour in all direction and we are not able to concentrate just on one thing at a time. The more we become conscious people the more more we take care of how we give food to our mind and body – done in the right way, we give also food to our soul by it.


My questions for the nominees (7):

1.) Do you believe in a life after death?
2.) Do you believe that other intelligent life-forms exists?
3.) Do you believe that mankind’s history is exactly as we were taught?
4.) Do you believe that we stem from apes?
5.) Do you believe what governments tell us?

Please, state reasons to all 5 questions.

Link to my best publication (8):

My nominees (9):

Participation is not a must – its a voluntary matter.

Love and sunshine to all bloggers.




Honoured by given “The Blogger Recognition Award”




Thank you:

I was nominated by Alicia for “The Blogger Recognition Award” for which I am very thankful and honoured.
Thanks, dear Alicia 🙂



As I am a lacto vegetarian (eating cheese, yogurt, milk-products but no eggs) I pick the raisins out of Aclicia’s blog: Everything that is related to my diet. Alicia puts much effort into her blog through photos and text. I recommend her blog for all who have a similar diet like me (lacto vegetarian and vegans) to get in touch with her lovely and surely deliciouos recipes. According to the motto: In each person there is some special value we can learn from, as each person is unique coming with own talents.


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A brief story of how my blog started (3):

When my actual blogging start began, last year in January 2017, I did not know so much about the possibilities wordpress offers to exchange opinions, experiences, thoughts and words. I came to know it when I began to blog myself becoming aware of how the exchange between people works. Then step by step I have loved this way of exchange and in this connection I could share my own experiences in forms of poems, digital art and videos as well as spiritual quotes and text of my Master Sant Kirpal Singh Ji, of Kabir, Rumi and other high spirits. Reading is like watching a glass full of juice, but we people have to drink this glass full of juice – otherwise it remains mere book-reading. When drinking the nectar of other people’s thought and ideas, it needs to be digested – then we can make the full use of it as it will add to the reservoir of our own experience (digested thoughts). Then a real exchange of thoughts and words takes place.

I use the platform wordpress mostly to share spirituality, a  touch of the spirit. However, it is the same as with the glass full of juice: when sitting in front of it just thinking about it, it remains in grey theory. Spirituality cannot be learnt, just by book-reading, it requires receptivity with which we are able to catch the invisible flammes, to catch fire in our hearts, to receive a ruling passion to know who we are, from where we came and where we have to go, a passion that allows us to scrutinize our own motives when doing, speaking, writing or thinking something, a ruling passion: (Who I am – Man know thyself) to start a journey into one’s own mind, to understand it. With each sincere question (theory) we answer (practice) with the spate of our spirit to get rid of our muddy shortcomings and free the light in us to come to light. This spirituality, which has infected us like a virus, it becomes alive when putting all the learnt and understood things into practice…

So let us drink and digest this spiritual drink, knowing that we are all one in the ONE – learning from each other, in giving and sharing (without making the claim to get anything in return – this is then really unconditional sharing and giving, like the sun gives light to us…)

Here we touch us by words, take us by our hands for a walk in the virtual world and nevertheless, although a virtual world, we leave mutual traces in our hearts…


My Advice to Beginners (4):

1.) Write comments and write always in friendly positive words –
so that people feel comfortable with what you have to say, even when you disagree with them.
Because friendly words are free…

2.) Be yourself, honest and unique and express it in your own words (unless you use quotes).


My Nominees (5):

(Participation is of course a voluntary matter – when joining have much fun, dear blogger)



Thank you, my dear blogger friends, for your presence and attention!



Nominated for “The Bloggers Recognition Award”



Thank you:

I was nominated by Alicia for which I am very thankful and honoured.
Thanks, dear Alicia 🙂



What mostly interests me in her blog is the vegetarian kitchen and besides soups, salats, there are many delicious vegetarian dishes with photos that lets your mouth fill with water and your eyes eat beforehand. Please, dear bloggers, check out Alicia’s blog and enjoy the variety of dishes she offers in this connection.


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A brief story of how my blog started (3):

I started about 6-7 years ago but did not pay attention so much and left it rather aside for many years, just to place there a few poems of mine. At that time I did not know that blogging could have a positive impact on me – So in fact last year, beginning of last year, I have really started to be a blogger and found it useful to exchange thoughts and words with other people and share own thoughts and also the teaching of my Master Sant Kirpal Singh Ji which is a universal teaching of all competent Masters, with spirituality (Man know thyself) as it centre point.

I have always liked to write poems, aphorism and quotes and gave them a “frame” with my digitial art that I also like very much as it may express sometimes things you would not be able to express them with words. Every now and then I pack my ideas and art into a video.
So wordpress allows me to share this kind of art in an easy way.


My Advice to Beginners (4):

1.) Write comments and write always in friendly positive words –
so that people feel comfortable with what you have to say, even when you disagree with them.
Because friendly words are free…

2.) Be yourself, honest and unique and express it in your own words (unless you use quotes).


My Nominees (5):

(Participation is of course a voluntary matter – when joining have much fun, dear blogger)

1. Rolandomio
2. Waelsworld
3. Carly
4. Objects and the distance between them
5. Sparkling thoughts
6. legrenierdeforever
7. Plantsandbeyond
8. Secrete garden creative
9. Madekesiworld
10. Her oasis
11. Amira
12. Ankitver
13. Anniegoose
14. The little mermaid09
15. Dexterouswriterblog


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Thank you, dear Sunset/Sunrise for being nominated for the Mystery Blogger Award



Credit goes to:
Sunset-Sunrise for the nomination of the Mystery Blogger Award. Thanks, my friend 🙂 Please, do not hesitate to check out this blog, you surely will find some treasures there 🙂


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Thank you:

Thank you very much, dear Sunset-Sunrise for having nominated me for the Mystery Blogger Award.


Mention the creator of the award and provide a link as well.

What is the Mystery Blogger Award?
It’s an award for amazing bloggers with ingenious posts. Their blog not only captivates; it inspires and motivates. They are one of the best our there, and they deserve the recognition that they get. This award is also for bloggers who find fun and inspiration in blogging, and they do it with so much love and passion. -Okoto Enigma (


Three things about myself

1.) My thankfulness goes to my Master Sant Kirpal Singh Ji, Dr. Harbhajan Singh and his wife Biji Surinder Kaur who have taught me how to swim in the ocean of life.
2.) Helping people in need makes me happy, live and do for others (not according to their wishes, but everything that is essential with regard to their body, mind and soul).
3.) I love to be in the nature and feel one with it.



1.) Where would you like to travel to?
I like to travel to Kirpal Sagar, a place open for the whole mankind. There, noone is anymore separated by religion, skin-colour, Nation or culture – all are welcome there and all religions are peacefully under one roof in the middle of Kirpal Sagar where there is a holy pond with a marble ship symbolizing the journey across the Ocean of Life with the symbols of all world religions on top of it. Not onyl social work can be done there selflessly, but one can also feel the beautiful atmosphere of oneness and unity and the spiritual development in one’s heart.
There, not just theory is taught, to become a real human being, but everyhting is put into practice there.

For more and detailed information about Kirpal Sagar I would like to refer you to this link:



2.) What is the one favorite food you like to eat?
There are two ways of taking food to us. The food for the soul and the food for the body and mind. So I prefer to give first food to the soul when sitting night time in deep silence and practising: Surat (attention) Shabd (Guru, Master, God) Yoga in its two aspects: light and sound. The outer religions point to light and sound (candle light, bell for example) as reflections of what is inside us. And in the Bible we have: “”If thine eye be single thy whole body shall be full of Light.” And what is this single eye? – It is the Third Eye, Shiv Netra, Divya Chakshu, Tisra Til, or Brahmrendra in other names, which is the only door that leads inside, all other doors of the human body lead outside. So from within we receive parshad or food for the soul. However, our soul does not get food from the astral, causal or even super-causal plane – as this still is mixed with matter. This kind of food goes to our mind and does not help us on the true path of spirituality.

“It is the message of all religions that man is able to attain Godknowledge by ‘tapping’ inside. Saints, mystics of East and West, at all times, got inner knowledge by way of contemplation and meditation. This is why the human body is called ‘temple of God’ “.

Food for my body is vegetarian food, preferable fresh vegetables and fruit and even simple meals.

Quote: (from:
God is Wordless, Nameless, Ashabd. When He came into being, into expression, that Absolute God wanted: “I wish to be many”, there was vibration that resulted in two things: Light and Sound.

God is Light. God is Music of the Spheres – Nada.

These are the two outward expressions of God-into-expression-Power which is controlling the whole universe and also controlling us in the body. That can be contacted when we rise above body-consciousness to the seat of the soul in the body, which is at the back of the eyes. So, it is a practical question which can be demonstrated. When you see for your own self what is what, then on­ly you can be convinced, not before.

Man is afraid of dying for two reasons: The first thing, we do not know how to leave the body. We are not accustomed to it. We are so much attached out­side that we cannot dare to withdraw from outside. Sometimes we wish to withdraw from outside, but we are so much identified with the outside things, even if you want to leave, you cannot leave, you see? So, for that reason we have to withdraw from outside. If you know how to leave the body day to day, if you die daily as Saint Paul said, if you take the cross daily (the upright stand­ing man with his arms stretched out shows the cross), then death becomes a matter of joy. Because all glory and beauty lies within you. The astral plane is more beautiful than the outer physical plane; causal is still more, and high­er plane is still higher beauty and higher bliss. So, once a man has an expe­rience of that, he would like to go, any time even, he would possibly go. Now as you are not in contact with that, mind is just given up to the outward en­joyments and used to that little bliss.                                                                                                                                                  By Sant Kirpal Singh


3.) What made you start blogging
When I started “blogging” I have just used the possiblity to store all my digital photos and poems on the internet using it as a kind of “cloud”. Last year my real blogging began to share spiritual wisdom, inner richness and experience with all bloggers who have similiar interests.

4.) If you could meet one person in the world who would it be?
God Himself is able to materialize in any form, so I wish to meet Him in the pole of a human form. In this connection I would like to share a short story:

An atheist once put a notice on his door: God is “nowhere”. When he lay dying in his room, a small child appeared and changed only one letter “God is now here!” came to the door and read aloud the notice: God is now here. The dying man replied from inside, “Yes, child, I do see now that there is some power.”

5.) What is your favorite hobby?
In fact I have quite many hobbies: such as Digital Art, writing Poems and Aphorisms, reading Spiritual Books (carefully chosen ones), Languages (I studied 5 languages), Travelling, Classic Music and Oldies, Graphology and Genealogy, Cooking. Other interests: Helping people at home and abroad (in India). The favourite one is: Helping people.


5 Questions for you:

1.) If a King puts many precious things in front (money, land, precious diamonds, a high ranking position) of you and he asks you that you can choose what to take – what would it be?

2.) How can we change ourselves to contribute to a better world?

3.) What is your purpose of life?

4.) Our society produces good and bad things. What can be improved?

5.) Where is the difference between lauging and crying? When you are happy you can also shed tears of happiness and sometimes we laugh even out of insecurity…


Share a link to your best post(s):


My Nominees:

01.) Meghasworldsite
02:) Waelsworld
03.) Bittermarhmellows
04.) Iscribir
05.) My expression of thoughts
06.) Daradgamer
07.) Boundlessblessingblog
08.) Amira
09.) Harbans inner thought
10.) Wammy speaks


Participation is not a must – its a voluntary matter 🙂

Wishing you all happiness and sunshine in your heart





Thank you Shobha Iyer for the nomination: “The Versatile Blogger Award”

The Versatile Blogger Award

“The Versatile Blogger Award is an initiative for bloggers to highlight the work of other bloggers, helping each other, after all that is what the blogosphere feeds: sharing.”

It is an initiative to publicize blogs with less followers, this Tag is like a joke but still it turns to be very effective to meet new fresh bloggers as well as experienced bloggers with talent as I am to start the prize I’m going to nominate a blog, then the rules are simple:

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I was nominated by Shobha Iyer for the “The Versatile Blogger Award” for which I would like to express my thankfulness and appreciation.
Dear readers and friends, I refer you to her interesting blog, Thoughtsofsho by Shobha Iyer , full of positive aspects. Just convince yourselves 🙂

Ten facts about myself:

1.) The most important persons in my life is my Master Sant Kirpal Singh Ji, Dr. Harbhajan Singh and his wife Biji Surinder Kaur. These universal teachings given by them and all competent Masters in the past have helped me a lot, to understand the purpose and sense of life. Humbly I bow down to them in deep thankfulness.

2.) I am a man, although my nick “Didi” sounds like a female name.

3.) Spirituality is my daily bread, to live and do with it.

4.) I am a lacto-vegetarian and consider all animals and plants as our brothers and sisters in a lower form, where also God’s life-impulse is embedded. There are two important laws: The Law of Karma and the Law of Grace – without the Law of Grace we would always be prisoners in the wheel of coming and going. Every tiny thought, even a single vibration of a thought is subject to cause and effect, is like a mirror to our own
thoughts, words and deeds. Thus everything comes with a reaction (action and reaction, cause and effect) – to eat plants has therefore two advantages:
first: it is living food, second: it causes less karma than eating animals. However, only through sincere longing for the truth, through devotion and love, the Law of Grace will take measurements to bring such a soul out of the transmigrating wheel to the higher planes such as Sach Khand, the plane of no matter but pure consciousness. From there our real journey home starts up to Anami, the 8th divine plane, where God Absolute is residing.

5.) My first poems and aphorisms I started to write over 40 years ago.

6.) As in my family there are artists, I also have become interested in art, in digital art. In this way I often try to create photos going along with my poems.

7.) Video creation also belongs to my hobbies.

8.) In my heart I wish that we all have a better understanding and treat us as human beings.

For those whose tongues are too fast I wish thoughtfulness.
For those whose hearts are hardened and hateful I wish peace and serenity.
For those who create misunderstandings I wish right understanding.
For those who have black blood in their veins I wish love and light.
For those who are indifferent I wish more responsibility.
For those who criticize I wish that they look into a mirror…
For all I wish to see the strings with which we are equipped, then we no longer are the Doers (as we are the puppets on the string, controlled by God)
For all I wish to see that we are all brother and sisters in Him, so that we treat us as brothers and sisters.
For all I wish to see that there is only one God for all, no matter how we name Him… as we are all His children.
For all of us: unity and oneness, no longer with the view of our ego/mind that separates everything.

9.) I love to be in the nature, I feel oneness, unity in the nature, all with all.

10.) My interests also extend to all old cultures.

My 10 Nominees:

Maysa Rose
The Little Mermaid
Fractured Faith Blog
Jens Jewish journey
With love
Easy vegetarian recipes

To participate in this award matter is voluntary, not a must.

Wishing you all light and love in your hearts

Nominated for “One Lovely Blog Award”


Dear Shanti Reddy, thank you so much for having nominated me for the “ONE LOVELY BLOG AWARD”,
its an honour for me 🙂

Shanthi Reddy is a creative writer, using her experience mainly for short stories. She writes beautifully. Please, dear reader, go andcheck out her blog.

Seven facts about me:

1.) My Master Sant Kirpal Singh comes first in my life.

2.) Spirituality is my driving power (recognize myself, intention to weed out all shortcomings).

3.) To justify my being – in finding and living the purpose of my life.

4.) May the day come that I am free from wishes and attachments and ego.

5.) To be a selfless tool in the hands of God.

6. To do good without knowing the results (avoiding to be proud…)

7. According to my Master – goal of my life: do good, be good and be one

My Nominees:

1.) Rohini
2.) afracturedfaithblog
3.) Hytoons
5.) Bhagyashri
6.) Tofino Photography
7.) Superduque777
8.) BeaFreitas
9.) Heart to soul
10.) Rupali G

Thanks, dear reader 🙂

For all bloggers nominated here: Please, feel free to participate 🙂

All good wishes to the entire blogging family

Honoured by the “Blogger Recognition Award”


My thankfulness goes to Natasha who has nominated me for the “Blogger Recognition Award”.
From her writing I can feel that she is a deep-thinking person willing to reach her goal with her power: “My saying is my doing!” I consider her as an honest and interesting person as well. Please, my dear readers, find out yourself, what Natasha has to share and tell us and visit her blog.
Thank you, dear Natasha 🙂


The Rule Book:

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
2. Write a post to show your award.
3. Give a brief story of how your blog started.
4. Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers.
5. Select 15 other bloggers for this award.
6. Comment on each blog to let them know you’ve nominated them and a link to the post you created.


A brief story of how my blog started

I started about 6-7 years ago but did not pay attention so much and left it rather aside for many years, just to place there a few poems of mine. At that time I did not know that blogging could have a positive impact on me – So in fact this year, beginning of this year, I have really started to be a blogger and found it useful to exchange thoughts and words with other people and share own thoughts and also the teaching of my Master Sant Kirpal Singh Ji.

I have always liked to write poems, aphorism and quotes and gave them a “frame” with my digitial art that I also like very much as it may express sometimes things you would not be able to express them with words. Every now and then I am pack my ideas and art into a video.
So wordpress allows me to share this kind of art in an easy way.


My Advice to Beginners:

1.) Write comments and write always in friendly positive words –
so that people feel comfortable with what you have to say, even when you disagree with them.
Because friendly words are free…

2.) Be yourself, honest and unique and express it in your own words (unless you use quotes).


My Nominations:

1. mypoeticjourneysite
2. Dolly N.
3. Monica Marie
5. blindloveweb
6. nageshkvadhera
7. Tashnee V Mavee
8. Maysa Rose
9. Shai Raanee
10. bowaleXO
11. EllaAya
12. When Stars Misguide Us
13. Ellie Haretuku
14. Hytoons
15. Sweta Ojha

I was nominated for the “Liebster Blogger Award”

I am happy and thankful for being nominated for the “Liebster Blogger Award” by Mozer G.
Please, my dear readers, pay a visit to his lovely site and explore yourself what Mozer
has to tell us- A visit is really worthwhile.

Thank you very much, dear Mozer G. 🙂



1. Acknowledge the blog who nominated you and display the award.
2. Answer the 11 questions the blogger gives you.
3. Give 11 random facts about yourself.
4. Nominate 11 blogs.
5. Notify those blogs of the nomination.
6. Give them 11 questions to answer.

1. What are you most afraid of?
That I am afraid of not being afraid of anything. LOL
No I really do not know

2. What are you most proud about yourself?
Since some years I tried not be pround of myself or anything, because the pride is another tool belonging to the ego. It makes us the doer, but infact there is only ONE doer who has created everything. Only ego and mind think that it is doing, acting, but do not see the divine strings fixed on the puppets – as we are puppets on the string. Pride gives food to the ego. If we do selfless service to man and get proud of it the credit goes to the ego, as this is not a real selfless service

3. If you can change something significant in your life, what would it be?
I do not want to see the mistakes of others, or criticise, or compare me with others – I want to be strict with myself and honestly find all mistakes in me and weed them out one by one. This is way to become more and more conscious and it requires honesty to oneself, to others and in front of God.

4. What was the silliest thing you’ve done?
Many years ago from I was living in a flat, 4th floor and I took the trash-bags with me to bring them down to the proper place. However, I saw my bus arriving and started to run with my both trash-bags (I did not realise that the trash-bags were with me as I was deeply absorbed). Luckily I reached the bus and was happy about it. Then I was shocked to see my trashbags in my hands – that was really a funny thing…

5. You eat heavy breakfasts?
I am a lacto-vegetarian and usually eat 2 slices of bread with cheese and have one glas of milk as well. So would say that I am not a heavy breakfast eater.

6. If you need to do with less food or sleep which would you rather give up?
Less food.

7. If you can meet anyone that’s alive today, who would it be?
My Master Sant Kirpal Singh

8. Are you an extrovert or introvert?
I am an open-minded person, thus an extroverted person.

9. What is your best post (in your opinion) and why?
Do you mean post like profession – it would be a language prof as I do speak 5 languages and have always been interested in studying languages.
Do you mean post like mail – the quotes of my Master as these wordings are deep and a treasure and food for the soul.

10. Do you get drunk ever?
I do not drink alcohol at all – once you entered the true path spirituality then smoking, drinking or taking any drugs – would have considerably a strong impact on your spiritual development and would bring you down again.

11. What inspires you?
When reading the books of my Master I feel very much inspired as these words go deeply into heart.


11 Random Facts about myself

1. I love nature very much

2. Make trekking tours in the wilderness

3. Read spiritual books

4. As God is in all, I love all

5. I am a calm person

6. As a voluntary helper I go to India every year

7. I love to help people

8. Kirpal Sagar – we have built with many people from all over the world – is in my heart.

9. I like cooking

10. I am a computer specialist

11. and am also a correspondent/translator – so I love languages


My nominees (have a visit to their interesting blogs)

Ajay Vyas
Tetiana Aleksina

11 Questions:

1.) What is your opnion about the climate change?

2.) Which countries you like to visit?

3.) Purpose of life?

4.) What you love more: to be at the sea or to be in the mountains?

5.) What was your best movie?

6.) Is there an alternative to our money system?

7.) What can we do to fight violence?

8.) How we can bring religions closer to each other?

9.) Is there a possiblilty to have clean energy?

10.) What do you think about colonizing Mars?

11.) Is our life controlled by a few? (fashion, media, laws, government, money)

Dear nominees, just feel free to participate, however it is not a must.

Mozer G. thank you one more time and thanks to all my blogging friends 🙂
Have a good day and sunshine in your heart

Thankfully I was nominated for the “Sunshine Blogger Award”

Dear truthiskef(click here to visit her blog) thank you so much for being nominated for the “Sunshine Blogger Award”. I would like to recommend my readers to check out her blog. She is an intresting person and straight forward in her inviting writings and sayings. So have my thanks and good wishes to you, dear friend.

1.) Thank the person who nominated you in a blog post and link back to their blog.
2.) Answer the 11 questions sent by the person who nominated you.
3.) Nominate 11 other bloggers to receive the award and write them 11 new questions.
4.) List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post and/or on your blog.
5.) Questions & Answer

Questions & Answers:
1.) The biggest lie you ever told someone.
I never lie… LOL

2.) The best city in the world acc. to you.
Kirpal Sagar, as it is unique place in the world belonging to the whole mankind.
A place where all religions are peacefully under one roof.A place to help pure and needy

3.) New York or Dubai?
I do not know as I have never been in New York nor in Dubai.

4.) What do you think is the best compliment you ever received.
Actually I do not care about compliments (praise) or rebukes (criticsm) since they both come from the same coin. I try to keep both side neutral.

5.) Tell us a bit about yourself
I follow the path of spirituality, means: “Man know thyself” – Gandhi said: “Be the change if you wish to see a change in the world”. So it is better to clear oneself instead telling other peope what to do – it requires responsibilty and to understand that we all are one. So first I try to clean my own house and extinguish the fire (mind) therein. Only then it is possible to help others, but each of us has to make an own step forward and not have a wait- and see attitude (others are doing the job), as each of us is responsible for him- or herself.

I travel every year to India (Kirpal Sagar)and help there as a voluntary helper to fight poverty.

I like languages very much as you get to know a deeper glimpse into their cultures accordingly. So I am able to speak 5 languages, mainly Scandinavian languages.

I am also a computer specialist and programmer which allows me to handle all stuff concerning a pc, also graphic designs, web-designs and internet specialist.

My hobbies: Creating pics in a special way, writing poems (since 40 years about) and create videos as well. Reading spirtual books, gardening, cooking, travelling, trekking-tours in the nature, graphology, sports (fitness centre), playing chess, helping people.

6.) If I ask you to leave WordPress right away, what would you do?
I would leave WordPress right away LOL

7.) If someone hacks your phones then, what would you do? Please don’t say you’ll inform police.I want something smart! ??
I would trace him or her back and find out from where the attack was launched. With the help of an anti-virus app you can trace back to catch the IP from the attacker. For security I would delete everything and would start from scratch or use my back-up from the pc (best option) so that all apps I use are present again in my smart-phone. Then I would reinforce my security system, using even a firewall and anti-virus apps and updating all security apps.

8.) Suppose you won $15 million in a lottery, how would you spend it. Don’t say you will give it all in charity????
In fact I would not keep much for myself, a bit I would keep to make a journey around the world. The rest I would give for charity.

9:) What would you prefer sir/ma’am- Presidential post or a billionare??
I would prefer non of them. According to Nietzsche: the one who possesses very much
is a slave of his/her possession…
To have a Presidential post is deeply connected with politics, but in the last few thousand years of mankind’s history – politics has never worked in such a way to solve all problems in the world. Dr. Harbhajan Sing hold a speach in front of the Viena Human Right Conference. And there he said: Politics has failed so far to bring peace and justice, equal rights for everyone, stopping famine and provide for fair distribution, i.e rich people get richer while the number of poor people increase – therefore he said: that we only have to turn our face to our own face and start to weed out all our short-comings, controlling our mind (we all are controlled by our mind so far) in thoughts, words and deeds to become a real human being with virtues of respect and love to everyone, with selfless service to help other people. So coming to our own roots and discover us, how we really are, what motivates us to do this or that, if there is a show made by us or other things to gain benefit for selfish purposes. This individual discovery is Spirituality: “Man know thyself”…

10.) How do you celebrate your birthday?
Usually I do not celebrate my birthday.

11.) The person whom you hate most.??
I do not hate anyone as it is said in the holy scripture: love the sinner but not his sins…
We should have respect and compassion to everyone as we are all sitting in the same boat.
The temple of God is the human body, He resides in our heart – If I hate one then I also hate the one who is in us too. In this case, when someone is doing ugly things to us and our mind reacts to these things, then we should remember: to love the sinner but not his sins…

My nominees:
Împerfectly Perfect Ťhoughts!
Niharika ratan

My questions:
1:) Do we have the right to judge over people?
2:) What was your best experience in your life?
3:) Your best book you have read?
4:) If you are a witness of an awful car accident – what would you do?
5:) What could we do to fight poverty?
6:) You have a bottle of water. Is it half empty or half full?
7:) What is an alternative to our money-system?
8:) How can peace be reached in this world?
9:) What are your hobbies?
10:)Life is our teacher – what has life taught you?
11:)What means marriage to you?

Dear nominee, feel free to participate, it is a voluntary matter.

My nomination for the “one lovely blogger award”

Thank you, dear Tapasi for having nominated me for the “one lovely blogger award”.

Dear reading/blogging friends, please check out Tapasi’s blog. She is an honest person and has a good portion of self-confidence, she describes herself as unique – and this she is indeed (as we all are too).


1.Each nominee must thank the person who nominated them and link their blog in their post.

2.They must include the rules and add the blog award badge as an image.

3.Must add 7 facts about themselves.

4.Nominate 15 people to do the award!

7 Facts about Me:-

1. I like to be in the nature and make hiking tours, pitch a tent close to a lake and sleep there for a few days.
2. I know how to survive and know much about plants, berries, mushrooms etc.
3. I love travelling too.
4. Reading spiritual books belong to my interests.
5. For many years I was also interested in graphology.
6. I love languages and do speak 5 languages.
7. By profession I am an IT (a computer specialist)

My nominees :-

Mozer G.
Rupali G
Honest K
Dolly N.
Bismita Guha

Just feel free to join.
Best wishes for all wordpress bloggers

Thanks to Manuela for nominating me for the “VERSATILE blogger AWARD”


Thankful to Manuela:

Dear Manuela, thank you for nominating me for the “Versatile Blogger Award”.
Have a great time

Referring to Manuela’s blog:

For people being interested in thoughts about love and life I would like to refer them to Manuela’s blog. Find out yourself what kind of lovely and interesting person she is.


1.) Thank the bloggers who nominated you and share their links.
2.) Nominate at least 10 bloggers for the award and provide links to their blogs.
3.) Also inform them about their nomination.
4.) Reveal 7 facts about yourself that your readers may not know.

7 Fun Facts about me:

1.) My Master Sant Kirpal Singh, Dr. Habhajan Singh and his wife Biji Surinder Kaur are the sense of my life as they have practically lived the higher values of life, of harmony, love and oneness in God’s creation.
2.) For me right understanding, love and honesty are the keys for living spirituality practically.
3.) I am a lacto-vegetarian.
4.) I like walking and hiking in the nature (same like Manuela).
5.) I love chocolate and ice-cream (same like Manuela).
6.) I do not smoke or drink any alcohol.
7.) Helping people is part of my character

My Nominees:

1.) FantasyDuke
2.) Charmed Chaos
3.) Sherif’s Pharaoh
4.) The Reluctant Poet
5.) Savvysaav
8.) Bel
9.) AL
10.) sandyjwhite

Thank you my dear blogging friends. Have a good time in harmony and peace and feel just free in your decision to participate in this Blog Award 🙂

All the best