On a wave of time and space

Wave riders of actions and reactions
In the rollercoaster of emotions, feelings
Logical conclusions
A life of ups and downs
Of changing goals in the close range
Of faith and hope in the far
Fluctuating, metamorphosing
On the catwalk of time
Memories in tow

Kaleidoscopic now
Surfing through time and space

DidiArtist, 02.04.2022

Ocean and Drop at the same time

We are waves from one Source
That transcends time and space
Waves of an Ocean
Without words and intellect
Beyond death and life
An eternity of the transcending drop in the Ocean
Ocean and Drop at the same time…

DidiArtist, 09.01.2022

Golden ratio

We are within a golden spiral
In a golden ratio of time and space
Approaching the core of our being…

DidiArtist, 19.11.2021

Singing love

Love begins in the body
Grows beyond it
Unites heaven and earth
Becomes one in the merging process
Is without time and space
That speaks with one voice, one heart
An everlasting embrace
Song of Oneness, eternal spring

DidiArtist, 04.10.2021

Market of the world

The world is spinning
Everything moves
Time passes
Breath flows

Spaces are dreams
Foam of the mind
Shadows on the wall
Burnt reality

Everything changes
Comes and goes
Like a sandstorm
Without a trace

In truth everything stands still
Has no movement
No time, no space
Is only illusion, a shallow dream

Where there is light
Is no darkness
Where there is darkness
Is no light

We breathe deception, maya
Lose ourselves in the shadows
Follow the lure of the world
Do not listen to the inner call

Sinking in the mud of desires
Removing ourselves from our Selves
In the rampage of our shortsightedness
Without stability and balance

We stand still by ourselves
The veil lifts
Carries us into the light
That waits for us…

DidiArtist, 15.08.2021