As we think we become

Experiences differ
Cannot be transferred
From one to another
Is unique knowledge

Endless discussions
Are not the instruments
To make us understand
In exchanging experiences

Closer experience lived mutually
Shared with each other
Results in deeper understanding
Making us friends

Hints we may give
To enter the flying carpet
Of individual experiences
To carry us through imaginations

Experiences of others
Can be made as our experiences
When following their footprints
Counting 1 + 1 together

Therefore holy Sants and Saints
Invite us to step into their way
With discipline and honesty
To make their experience as ours

Truth is One…

DidiArtist, 12.02.2019

I am who I am

I am not the one
In the eyes of others

I am not the one
Others see in me

I am not the thousandfold opinion
Of thousands of people

I am not the plaything
According to the ideas and wishes of others

I am not a chess piece
In the hands of others

I am not the one
Others want me to be

I am who I am
Unique as any other human being….

And yet we are all pieces of an endless puzzle
A picture of everything and nothing…

DidiArtist, 22.07.2021

Relative point of view


power and control


Everything has its own point of view
As everything is unique
Yet there is one goal:
To solve the mystery of death…

DidiArtist, 15.11.2020


Unique ways


Some people like to play General
Are in love with greed on power
Some hide
Behind their knowledge
Some fish in troubled waters
Lose themselves in speculations
Some seek pride, satisfaction
In wrestling intellectually
Some want to have attention
Through self-pity
Some keep themselves high
To keep others low
Some use force
To detract from their fear
Some sow fire
And burn in it
Some know everything better
Not to be worse off

But some people lose themselves
To find themselves…

DidiArtist, 18.03.2014