Judge or not judge



How can someone judge
Who is not able to judge himself…

And he who is able
He does not judge others, except himself…

DidiArtist, 03.01.2020


Mass instigation

Some people are like wasps
They gather in a swarm
Anyone who comes near them gets stung

They feel threatened
Heat up on fake news
They become wild and aggressive

They are in doubt on one side
But on the other side, they pretend
Knowing the truth

Believe in that
What the internet throws at them
And feel like rebels

They do not understand
That they themselves are victims
Of manipulation and rumour

If they have so many doubts
They should also doubt themselves for once….

But this is only possible in a state of tranquillity….

DidiArtist, 10.12.2021

Human failure

An unconscious human being
Full of hate in his heart
Will not take advice
He sprays his hatred
Over land and people

Why? He lacks awareness
Understanding and compassion
His eyes are only on his victim….

DidiArtist, 05.06.2022

Effect of a mirror



Prejudices only distract
From one’s own shortcomings…

DidiArtist, 10.06.2020


Never my fault

Only rarely do we blame ourselves
How easy it is to find fault with others

DidiArtist, 30.06.2021