Fragmented life



Poems are fragments, an attempt
To draw a picture of life
From many points of views

DidiArtist, 11.04.2018


35 comments on “Fragmented life

  1. Well said sir.

    We garner experiences of dealing
    With good and not so good experiences
    After delving on the lives of our Sants and Gurus
    Who with their rich practical experiences
    Changed the lives of those
    Who followed their footprints, so indelible
    Left by them for us people to take cue
    And follow them assiduously
    Under the guidance of our peers
    Every step taken is sure to succeed
    And every wrong step gets retarded
    By the sound preaching of these God’s Messengers
    Thus life’s journey just goes on and on
    Hurdle-free but if hurdle comes on the way
    It is surmounted by the Jaap of His NAAM.

    My profound regards sir.

    I have penned down a write-up on PRESENT, PAST & FUTURE, kindly appraise it and enlighten me further on this.

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    • Thanks for your comment that I appreciate very much, dear Harbans. The competent Master who initiate their decisples into the beyond with the help of Naam or Word, will lead the disciple back home, even when there are also hinderance on their way. This seed of Naam given can through no power be destroyed, it will bring fruit sooner or later, means the disciple will be returned to His real home.

      I am going to read your writings and will answer to it as well.

      By the way, dear Harbans, just call me Didi, not necessary to call me Sir 🙂

      All good wishes and thank you one more time.

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      • Our real purpose in life is to ‘return to our real home’ and that in fact is achieved through recitation of NAAM.

        Thanks for your assurance of going through my blog and giving your invaluable comments.

        The true salutation/respect comes from inner recesses of our heart and that is why I shall always be suffix SIR. It is not for an individual but for the institution which is revealed in your blog – the rich content and enlightening knowledge which may awaken even an ignorant person.

        Thanks for your good wishes.

        With warm regards,


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        • Dear Harbans,

          To be initiated into Naam, with 5 holy loaded words, used as a password rising above the 4 planes: physical, astral, causal and super-causal – up to the region of pure consciousness “Sach Khand” – a competent Master is necessary. Only He can give you these loaded holy Words – the same words given by a so-called master – do not have any effect (only through some astral power with which such a so-called is working and dealing – binding the so-called disciples in miserable fates…) – yes, indeed the purpose of our life is to return to our real home with the grace and guidance of a competent Master who know the inner ways and can even give you a first-hand experience. Once we have solved the riddle, the mystery of death – we no longer would be afraid of the death as we then know where to go when dying.

          Thank you, dear friend
          From heart to heart

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          • Didi sir, so profound and and wisdom sufficing comments. In fact a competent Master is required to get us through. Mastery of death too is essential since it will bring us the next birth according to our Karmic deeds or misdeeds.

            All through your comments, there is learning.

            Warm regards


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            • Dear Harbans,

              According to the competent Master a disciple being taken care of needs not more than 4 lives after the first initiation of a competent Master. The Master burns the huge karma away so that the disciple can start from the scratch. Following and obeying the teaching and instructions of the Master it is possible to return to home eternal, real home even in one life… in this case when the disciple surrenders 100% to the Word of the Master, he does not create any new karma – this is called Neh-karma and this is only possible when the disciple becomes a conscious co-worker of the divine plane.

              By the way I have sent 2 comments to you about 5-6 hours ago, both comments did not show up in your blog (one of my comment referred to the Past, Now and Furure text you have written, was a long and detailed comment). In case that wordpress had a failure I have to write this comment again which I will do in the coming days (as I have not so much time during the weekends). Unfortunately I did not store my answer to you and so have to rewrite everything. You may also check whether these comments have gone to your spam.

              Have a nice weekend and thank you very much, dear friend.

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              • Didi sir: It is a matter of great pleasure to put forth my opinion that after a long time I have fortunately been bestowed with a personage who could remove my misgivings and doubts.This may be due to good karma and by the grace of God.

                I have gone through one of your your comments which are really outstanding by all standards – full of sagacity and enlightening commentary.

                I am obviously thankful t yu for offering your kind comments despite your busiest schedule.

                With warm regards


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