Silent hug


Feel the beat
In your heart
Dance in silence
Off the mind noise
Connecting light
Pulse of life
In the change
With the wind
Blowing time
Leaving memories
On dersert sand
Traces intact
Of love and light
Warm hugs
From heart to heart

DidiArtist, 05.04.2017


Do it! or Try it?


Trying is not enough
As it leaves
The door invitingly open
Not to try

To postpone something until tomorrow
Is so much easier
Than doing something now
But tomorrow we “practice” the same way…




DidiArtist, 19.02.2018

Knowledge: outside and inside

The outer knowledge
Shallow water
Easily gets dirty
However, the inner knowledge
Is flowing water
Pure, clear and fresh
In deep waters…

Book-reading is food for the mind
Spiritual reception is food for the soul…

The inner book is written
By one’s own life…

DidiArtist, 10.06.2018

Greed for money


For many people
Money is more important
Than humanity
They lose themselves
In accusations and prejudices
If their wishes are blocked
They quickly try to find a victim

If only they would look in the mirror…

DidiArtis, 22.11.2015


Darkness cannot be overcome by wearing white clothes… quote by Kabir