Politics versus spirituality



Politics is full of mistakes and errors,
It is not uniting but separating
More you calculate with it
More inaccurate its outcome…

To make mistakes is human
To sit on them as an excuse
Not to avoid them
Is a bad habit

Man builds his ideological houses
With these untouched mistakes
On loose sand
Soft fundaments

Spirituality practically tries
To recognize, eradicate own mistakes
To know oneself
To change oneself

Politics continous with human mistakes
Is under control of mind…
Is propaganda, alibi, show
To cover up own shortcomings

To demonstrate to do something for others
If only their pockets are full
Of money and advantages
Unable to do something for themselves

Politics is business
Spirituality consciousness…

DidiArtist, 20.12.2016


18 comments on “Politics versus spirituality

    • Thanks, dear Eliza,

      I believe first it is important that people who are leaders, especially in politcs, they should learn something: something like honesty, honour, service to man, service to the people out of real compassion and heart-feelings, instead of caring and filling their own pockets… Platon, an old Greek philosopher, once wrote that those who are leading the people should first of all develop themselves to give honour and respect to the people. Nowadays our politicians have not learnt those spiritual values, at least in general to say; they come with their untrained mind – how can they lead people with all those shortcomings?

      Thanks, once again, dear friend πŸ™‚
      Have a sunny weekend inside and outside πŸ™‚

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