Stage of the world



Our thinking, feelings, deeds
Are a projection, reflection
Backdrop of our lives
Woven past and present
Seemingly make us actors
But are only silent observers
In an interactive illusion

DidiArtist, 29.05.2021


9 comments on “Stage of the world

    • Yes, my dear Kamal and we have to reach the state of a non-doer, because the only Doer is the One, is He – what thinks in us that we are doing something that is just our ego and mind, which creates and is duality. Especially in the Golden Age, Sat Yug, it is utmost difficult to reach this state of being free from mind and ego. In the last Golden Age only 4 souls could go back to the Home Eternal. So we can see how difficult it is to control our mind. It comes with thousand of tricks and even when we think: “Now it does not control me!” – we can be sure that it still controls us smilingly.

      Thank you for your contribution, my dear friend 🙂
      All the best and a happy weekend 🙂


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