Sun and Moon – quote by Rumi


11 comments on “Sun and Moon – quote by Rumi

  1. Yes and also his Master Shamz e Tabrez beside Kabir, the competent Master line of the Sihkhs, Christ and many more- they practised the Meditation of Light and Sound, called Surat Shabd Yoga – yes such Master know where they come from, who they are and where they have to go – first self-realization comes then God-realization…
    Thank you, my friend 🙂
    Love and light to you


  2. Yes, I love Rumi too. He and his Master Shamz e Tabrez and another famous Sufi Hafiz they all practised “Surat Shabd Yoga” – the Yoga of Light and Sound that leads the soul beyond the astral, causal and even super-causal plane to the realm of Shach Kand, a region of pure Consciousness where no matter and dust is anymore involved.

    Have a great weekend, my dear Saania 🙂 💖

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