Unity of Man



Blind people do not judge people
By the colour of their skin

Wise men do not take sides
For one religion

They see all religions
Under the roof of God

But we entrench ourselves
Behind words and idiologies

Arguing for right
Holding our own flag high

We kill in the name of God
Throwing stones at those who are different

Is this love
Love for God and man?

It is small-minded thinking
Behind which man hides

It is the seed of separation
Not of unity…

DidiArtist, 14.05.2021


14 comments on “Unity of Man

    • Yes, my dear friend – what we see and perceive with our senses are not necessarily the truth – it is like the shadow of the light as we find everything inside. There are two laws: the karmic law which wich acts like a book-keeper and stores all what is good and what is bad – so it comes back with good and bad reactions, if we would not have the law of Grace, then we would be really lost indeed in the swamp of our sins commited. When we recognize our own mistakes then we should not sin more, we should stop continuing with the same mistake.
      Thank you, dear Pat πŸ™‚

      Hugs and love

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      • Yes, we all the good and bad side and which one we want to nurture. It’s like cartoon where the little devil will be telling you what to do and on your right ear a little, a little angel is telling you…’don’t you listen to that little devil, Didi!’ Lol! πŸ˜‚

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        • LOL – this little devil is in fact our mind – it always interfers, tries to be louder than our little angle in us. Stay save and healthy, dear Bloggy Pat πŸ™‚
          Prof. Didi


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