Fooling ourselves (2)

How can we trust ourselves
If we are not even honest to ourselves

This belief in ourselves
Is broken by the first lie

Then self-cheating starts…

DidiArtist, 03.07.2021

10 comments on “Fooling ourselves (2)

  1. Didi sir, I am really thankful to you for sharing enlightening thoughts. In fact the four pillars mentioned by you; Truth, penance, compassion and charity are, in essence, very significant. WARM REGARDS.

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  2. In the last Golden Age only 4 souls could go back to Home Eternal, because in this Age the laws are different. According to the words of Dr. Harbhajan Singh, we have to stant on 4 pillars: Truth, penance, compassion and charity. In the Golden Age contentment is the
    carriage and truth is the driver.
    All forces are now allowed to test man, there are also anti-forces, avatars, negative forces and positives forces – each single thought counts and is written down by those forces – However, this time Sant Kirpal Singh got the control over the Golden Age and continues His mission. The plane is ready and is going to take a lot of passengers back to real Home.
    Thank you, my friend for your attention and support πŸ™‚

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  3. Self-awareness or self-realization and subsequently GOD-REALIZATION do happens to those who become detached from ‘I’ and ‘me’ of it all and become one with Him in every way possible. Your enlightening words are really helpful. Thanks and regards.

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  4. Through: “Man know thyself” – we start to understand our Self, we discover our hidden Self in us – so first comes Self-realisation and then comes God-realisation. – That “I” in us is our Ego, not our Self and the consciousness of our Self starts in the strict differentiation between ego/mind and our Self (our soul) – once we find this treasure in us, awakening starts, realisation of God starts…
    Thank you very much, dear friend Harbans for all your support πŸ™‚
    Have a great time

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  5. We have to create situations and condition by which we start trust our own SELF; we are self aware and know what we can do change ourselves in a manner of speaking.

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