Politics – A sysiphus work

Politics is like
Pouring water into a bucket
That has a hole
Now parties and people argue
Who can fill the bucket…

This does not quench
The thirst of mankind…

DidiArtist, 05.09.2021

9 comments on “Politics – A sysiphus work

    • Thanks a lot, my dear friend Arooba 🙂
      As already Dr. Harbhajan Singh said when he hold a lecture in front of the Viena Human Rights Conference: “It is in fact not a political problem, but a spiritual one…” – That means that we have neglected to get to know ourselves, how our mind is tricky with us, how it functions, how we can learn from it to become a real man who is not just living for his own ego but starts to serve people around and mankind, which is called man-service and man-service is God-service as God lives in every living being.
      Thank you, my friend and stay healthy 🙂

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