30 comments on “Transmigration – by Rumi

    • Thank you very much, my dear friend πŸ™‚
      Oneness is already there, it has never been broken into pieces, only outside with the perception of our mind senses we see everything apart and separated – but the drop is merged with the Ocean and there we are all connected and the same consciousness of being aware to be, is in you and is in me, but only our mind sits between us think. He is he and she is he and I am I etc…

      Sat Naam, my friend

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    • Not necessarily, dear lanus – all depends on our thoughts, words and deeds – the reaction of it. For example if you are about to die and your inner last wish is to be a king or this and that – this kind of wish will be fulfilled or if we have identified ourselves with animals, lets say as a dog – we will come back as a dog. To receive the human body is a golden opportunity according to what the Masters say – as we can only return as a human being to our real home, but this requires: “Man know thyself – we have to be aware of all our actions, its motives what we really want with this or that – by this discovery we do not only learn the functioning of our own mind, but also get aware of our Selves – it is a progress to become more and more conscious – until some day, by the Grace of God, we are able to rise above all planes of matter and dust to the region of pure consciousness. This requires a discipline life as all holy competent Masters, Teachers or Gurus have shown with their own life as a practical example.

      Thanks, dear friend and all the best to you

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