Do it! or Try it?


Trying is not enough
As it leaves
The door invitingly open
Not to try

To postpone something until tomorrow
Is so much easier
Than doing something now
But tomorrow we “practice” the same way…




DidiArtist, 19.02.2018

54 comments on “Do it! or Try it?

  1. Great thought Didi. There is a Kabir’s doha/ verses in Hindi, it says the Same thing-

    “Kaal Kare So Aaj Kar, Aaj Kare So Ub Pal Mein Pralaya Hoyegi, Bahuri Karoge Kub.”

    Meaning / Translation -Tomorrows work do today, today’s work now If the moment is lost, how will the work be done? Meaning Do the work that needs to be done now. There is no other time then now.

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    • Thank you my friend 🙂
      Yes our mind tends to say; I do it tomorrow and tries to postpone things and task as long as possible – but we should do always, when ever possible our tasks and work at once, not hide behind the word: I try… but to say: I do it — now 🙂

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