A change is needed

As long as the world is divided
Harmony cannot reign
It cannot be spoken in one opinion

As long as there are screamers in the world
Who call attention to themselves
There can be no reasonable politics

As long as people divide each other
Not realizing that we are all one big family
There can be no peace in the world

Until we learn to be one
To love and trust one another
Money, hatred, and envy will continue to rule the world

As long as the understanding of oneness does not blossom in our hearts
The cracks in the world will widen, problems will grow
Deep insight cannot shake us awake

May we all awaken before it is too late….

DidiArtist, 24.11.2021

9 comments on “A change is needed

    • In respect to cultures and religions (not sects) – whereas religion means in its root form “binding or connecting back” (to God) – the competent Saints and Sants do not touch the core of Religions, as originally it was meant to remember Him. Of course, religions that only see their faith as the only right faith is wrong, in this sense, I agree with you because it has already caused a lot of suffering among peoples and cultures. And groups of drops of water claim to be the truth, but they do not see and understand that they also belong to the Ocean… And paid sermons are just as wrong because to speak about the truth should always be free of charge instead of making a business out of it. It should be shared from own experiences and not be repeated like a parrot and lived up to it with one’s own life accordingly as a living example… Thank you, my friend πŸ™‚ All the best to you

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