We just want to hear
What we like
Any truth that is contrary to us
We sweep under the carpet

Are we afraid
That our innermost is discovered?

Are we anxious
That the truth harms others?

Are we frightened
That we lose appreciation?

Are we scared
That our ego is losing something?

It is an illusory world
That we are building
Leading us to dependency
On the opinions of others…

How much honesty towards ourselves do we have?…

DidiArtist, 20.10.2019



7 comments on “Self-cheating

  1. Indeed and there are thousands of ways to self-cheat ourselves. All depends on our own honesty towards ourselves and others.
    Thank you, dear Harbhans πŸ™‚
    Warm regards and a happy time to you

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  2. Rightly said sir. Whatever we do not or what is not according to our wishes, we brush that under the carpet so that others may not be knowing about it. This is in fact self-deception. Regards.

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