Climbing the inner mountain



During life, there is a meeting
Of people coming and going
Some walk with you
Some stay with you

Life-pathes fork, separate
Newcomers enter your way
Unite thoughts and words
Are with you

Own path loses friends
Breaks into loneliness
And from loneliness
Into Oneness

Opens a new gate
The door of being
Al(-)one and All One
Shutting the door of separation

We enter the world with tears
But we may leave it with a smile…

DidiArtist, 26.07.2019


19 comments on “Climbing the inner mountain

  1. The satisfactions of quickly working gadgets and speedily moving instruments are the accomplices of the fast-moving desires of the human being. Thus, we cannot say modern physical comforts are any kind of cultural advancement. They are indications of the downfall of man, who does not know that the devil is pursuing him. Does he not run fast if the devil is behind him? That also is a joy. If you run at 10 mph because a goblin is behind you, that also is a joy. β€œLet the goblin be behind; what does it matter? I run fast.” So there is nothing that we require in this world except quickness, speed, rapidity and immediate action, whatever the consequences be of these adventurous moods of the human being.

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    • Thank you for your comment, dear friend.
      I think the only thing what we really need here is love, respect, understanding, compassion, trust in God as we have in the Bible: “Love and everything else will be added onto you…” or as John Lennon has put it: “All you need is love!” The troubles lies in us in our own mind – That is why wise men emphasize: “Man know thyself…”

      All the best


    • Thank you, dear friend Amira – Tomorrow we drive back home – it is always a drive of 330 km one way. Has been very beautiful here, maybe a bit too hot. I just refreshed myself again in the lake which is only 20 meters from our summer house.
      Enjoy your time too, dear friend πŸ™‚


  2. Profound and true words of Oneness, Didi. We come with a tear but we leave with a smile. So true and divine to know that we are moving on our journey to be with our Lord and no more in this body that is not required at all once our sanskaras are over and finished. Lovely picture too.

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