Political backdoors



When laws are broken by several people
One speaks of accomplices
Can an entire party be considered as accomplices?

Sad, but true, if members prevent real justice
If they decide as majority
What is right and what is wrong…

Then there must be something wrong in the system
Leaving them a backdoor open to sustain their power
To prevent the truth to come on the table…

DidiArtist, 07.02.2020


19 comments on “Political backdoors

    • Thanks, dear Chuck – right laws and justice is very important for every country – especially for those who say they have a democracy…

      Wishing you all the best, my friend 🙂


  1. I have felt increasingly over the last years that our leaders (world wide!) have taken to their own agenda! an agenda that they have kept from anyone but the groups that they are in !

    The general public are no included anymore in the policy’s that guild their futures, not included in these debates, not consulted as to the outcome of such debates!

    We are on the outside like never before with no front door to the inside !

    As such is it time to remove our good will, our agreement to capitulate to the outcomes of debates that in no way we have an involvement with ?

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    • Hi Nigel,

      I would not say that this is the case in all countries, for example, I come from Finland and our Politicians still make more or less a good job, to treat its population fairly – same I can say from German and Sweden – I do not know so much the insight of other countries – but you are right that there is a tendency that policy is done on a distant cloud (distance between the normal citizens and those who make the policy) – However, for example fighting against this system with violence would not bring success, as violence only increases violence. Gandhi, for example, paved the way for the Indian Independence without any violence but with passive resistance. On the other hand, I can see also movements that with heart and head bring peace to the world gradually. What we see now is the fight between the positive and negative power. May we see in future a fairer world with the understanding that we are in fact all one on one planet.
      Thanks a lot for your contribution, dear friend 🙂
      All the best

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      • Brilliant response 🙂

        I totally agree with everything you have said here Didi !!

        I have been involved politically at different times in my life!

        All I would say is that at this stage of my life its getting to feel exhausting taking instructions from politicians who do little other than canvas for your vote each election period.

        Its like having a Boss who only ever tells you what to do and never asks you to use your personal skills to problem solve !

        Politicians are our employees, not the other way around!

        I remember a time when politics was not in your life much of the year and you viewed yourself as as having an independent existence from it, you went to work got paid, then went home!

        During this period of our history you would think we have now personal skills other than the ones we are told to have by our political case!

        I agree , without valance we need to start to push back! We are not a collective, we are not to be labelled as “The Public!”, we are a set of Individual people with individual minds and skills!

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        • Dear Nigel,

          Once, a dear friend of mine, Dr. Harbhajan Singh got the opportunity to held a speach in front of a big audience during the Viena Right Conference. He said: Politically those problems our world is facing cannot be solved, as we already have used this system since many thousand years but only changed policy with policy – first we have to come to our own root, we have to understand ourselves to understand others and this is the spiritual way as old Greeks used to say: “Man know thyself…” So our leaders should be wise, to give justice and no corruption, to convey togetherness and harmony among people, instead of greed, power, selfishness, and control over others. The automatically rich and poor will meet in the middle gradually. We should change also our ideals in our society: that no longer money is the best, or power, or property but that we teach our young generation to have respect to each other, instead of glorification of violence and sex which has penetrated the whole society in an insane way. This all takes time but flowers all need time to bloom. This is my hope and I pray for it, dear friend.

          All the best and have a great time, dear Nigel 🙂


    • Right, however, when a party uses, abuses it as an political instrument (to benefit from it, even if it is obvious that their decision is wrong), then we see an immoral behavior to continue to be on power, no matter the costs… then justice itself becomes dependent which political party one belongs to…

      Thanks, dear Harbhans 🙂
      All the best, my friend 🙂

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