Impressions of Kirpal Sagar (part 2)


25 comments on “Impressions of Kirpal Sagar (part 2)

  1. Dear Ellen,

    This text referred to an earlier visit to Kirpal Sagar. Sorry for this mistake. However, so God will, my next visit will be in October.

    Good wishes for you and your husband, dear friend.

    God may bless you.

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  2. Oh Didi,
    How wonderful you are in Kirpal Sagar!!! It looks so beautiful there. I hope you have an enlightened time there.
    Here, operation canceled due to problem with his heart.
    Enjoy your spiritual journey to the max. Can’t wait to hear about it!!
    Love, dear friend,

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  3. Thanks so much Didi for this beautiful knowledge about Kirpal Singh and on the Golden Temple. If I and my family are planning going during the month of October or November will definitely let you know and yes God willing. Wow great have a wonderful time and Sweden will be a beautiful place. Much love and light to you too dear friend.

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  4. Yes, dear friend, when you would know the whole story how Kirpal Sagar came into being – it is really a fantastic story and shows the competence of a true Master. By the way in Amritsar there is also one Centre of Unity of Man and Kirpal Sagar is about 2 1/2 hours away from Amritsar by car. Maybe some day we could go together, if you are interested in. I am going to Kirpal Sagar in Oktober or November this year again, so God will.

    I have been to Amritsar too sometimes and also visited the Golden Temple there, which was founded by Guru Ram Das.

    In the next 3 days I am on a short cruise tour by a big ship to Sweden – so will not be active in my blog.

    Much love and light to you πŸ™‚

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  5. Thank you very much dear Amira πŸ™‚
    we have started to paint the fense around the Samadi of Dr. Harbhajan Singh und his wife Biji Surinder Kaur – sending you the perfume and colour of this holy place to you, dear friend.
    All what is good for your soul

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